Ministry Support

Planning and Leading

Extreme Faith volunteers and staff work walk with our community partners helping them accomplish the their mission. Part of this involves helping plan for and host service and mission team groups. To do this, we meet with our community partners regularly to understand their needs and help design a service experience that inspires our volunteers and increases our partners capacity to fulfill their mission. We also provide the leadership and staffing needed to complete the project without overloading our service partners. 


Resource Sharing

With our network of community partners, Extreme Faith volunteers and staff support these ministries by helping to coordinate sharing of resources such as equipment and donations. To do this, we not only help facilitate the process but provide drivers and volunteers to help pick up donations and organize them as needed.  Drivers and volunteers to sort and organize donations are always appreciated. 


Regular Service

We realize to fully support our community partners there are commitments of service that require more than an a service event or mission team can accomplish. To help with these needs we provide regular volunteers to serve in everyday roles with our community partners. These activities could range from working at St. Trinity's food pantry, to helping tutor children for an after school program, or providing regular maintenance of facilities. Our volunteers happily serve with our partners on a regular basis. 


Capacity Building

Extreme Faith volunteers and staff help in many different behind the scenes aspects to take on task so our partners can focus more  their mission. These task can include computer and office work, grant writing, and centralizing processes such as volunteer tracking and training.  


Ministry Support Information

Ministry Support Questions

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